After arriving at the airport my friend and I spent our first hour picking up the Barcelona City pass and then trying to navigate the metro system to find our hotel. Once we safely made it from the airport to the hotel we washed the travel grime off and ventured into the main part of town. Our first stop was the Barcelona Cathedral. We had high hopes of getting in but with the late hour the odds were against us. Lucky for us we were stopped by a procession in honor of Christ’s walk with the cross for Good Friday. We seemed to have only caught the end of the procession but we were able to see the most important part of the procession.

Jesus' Doomed Walk

After enjoying the tail end of the procession we proceeded to the cathedral but we were too late and found everything closed up for the night. Not letting that deter us from exploring the city we took some exterior photos of the church and then wandered around the streets finding small gems to photograph. I became fascinated with the doors of Barcelona.

Wooden door with ironwork


Welcome to the dungeon


Late in the evening these doors take on a very creepy atmosphere to them and I can’t help lifting the camera to my face to take as many photographs as I can. Soon hunger took over and we headed to a small tapas place for some great food before heading back to the hotel.