Our first full day in Barcelona my friend and I headed to Parc Guell, Antoni Gaudi’s famous park. It is filled with mosaic animals, pillars, gingerbread type houses and rib-like structures. The adventure through the park took a couple of hours but it was well worth the steep walk uphill to the park gates. When walking into the park you a greeted by two gingerbread type houses which lead you toward the staircase.

Gate to Guell

The staircase is crowded with people trying to get photographs of themselves with the mosaic animal structures that line the centre of the steps.

Iggy the Mosaic Lizard

Once halfway up the steps you can continue your journey to the pillared area or turn to the right or left to go further into the park. We decided to veer right and follow the winding road to the top of the hill. There were a few places in the park where I felt I was wandering though a jungle and had just found some ancient ruin hidden within the trees.

Barcelona From Park Guell

On the left side of the park is a hill overlooking the city where a cone-shaped structure sits with crosses and arrows at its peak. One can climb the stairs of this to see a view of the city below. At the base of the cone a man in leopard tights and a fringed vest belts out old rock tunes to the crowd.

The Rockstar

Wandering back towards the park gates passing rib cage like structures we felt the hunger settle in and the search for food was initiated.

The Musician

Close to the park gates is a small restaurant whose food is good and prices not as steep as one would think. In one of the gingerbread houses is a souvenir shop where one can pick up all sorts of items including postcards of the shots you couldn’t get.

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