Waking up a little earlier than usual we got our gear together and jumped on the metro heading to Gaudi’s most famous construction, the Sagrada Familia. This newly consecrated basilica is still under construction with an estimated completion date of 2026. The basilica was started in 1882, almost 130 years later cranes still soar high above it trying to finish the final towers and the Glory Façade.

The Nativity Facade, Basilica of Sagrada Familia


The Passion Façade, Basilica of Sagrada Familia

This stunning gothic church is completely different on the inside than it’s outside. Like tall redwoods in a forest the soaring white columns stretch to its high ceilings to support the roof. The basilica has five naves which corresponds to the five doors of the Glory Façade, which is still under construction at this time. Standing at the base of the columns one feels tiny and unimportant amid the giant structure.

Forest of Stone

Each of the three exterior walls reflect different times in Jesus’ life: The Nativity, The Passion and The Glory. Detailed statues reside in these façades.

The Denial of Peter


Pontius Pilate & wife Claudia


There is much to see here at the Sagrada Familia and it never seems enough. I will be planning a trip back to see this once it has been completed (if not sooner).