I was sad to leave Firenze behind as we boarded the train for Venice today but a new adventure awaited su. Arriving in Venice two hours later we exited the train station to find ourselves in front of the grand canal. A porter asked us if he could take us via water taxi to our hotel. We decided to go for it. The brief ride down the canal was spectacular and was our first look at Venice. After dropping off our bags at the small hotel we were out the door following the signs to St Mark’s Square. After twisting and turning through the narrow streets the buildings finally opened up to the large square that holds the basilica and Doge’s palace.

St. Mark's Basilica & Doge's Palace

It was crowded in the square so we were soon following the streets again to see the rest of the city. No matter where you turn there are always bridges over smaller tributaries of the grand canal. Looking down these narrow waterways one can see laundry hanging out the windows of the venetian homes as the people go about their daily lives as the tourists converge on their well-known attractions.

Venetian Homes

Soon we started seeing signs for the Rialto bridge, the bridge sits over a portion of the grand canal and is beautifully constructed.  It is the oldest bridge in Venice. Next to the bridge is the original food market that now stands closed. Boats used to travel up the river to the bridge to onload its goods.

The Rialto Bridge

Our short visit to this unique city was packed with lots to see. Visiting this city is a must do if only to get lost in its narrow streets. Take a map with you or you may never make it back to your hotel.