This morning I got out of bed early to beat the heat wave that was predicted. Hopping into the car I pointed it northward to Belfountain Conservation area.   The old, spring fed West Credit River flows through the park and a small pond interrupts the river before the water flows over the dam and continues its journey.

Belfountain Dam

 The trails here are short but can be for more intermediate level hikers. It is a great hike that takes you into a forested area along a higher ridge before you head back down to the riverbank via a wooden staircase. A bridge takes you back across the river where the trail splits in two. One route take you back to the pond while the other allows you to continue along the Bruce Trail.

Creek closeup

Heading back towards the entrance, on the southern side of the pond is a small fountain which is part of the historic stonework here. A grist mill once sat on this land and there are some remnants of it still in the park, one is the water fountain.

Waterfountain detail

Since the weather really started to warm up by the end of my hike along the pond trail I decided to head back to the parking lot and head to my air-conditioned home.