Since its been awhile that I’ve hit the Bruce Trail I headed over to the Hamilton area to check out the trail near Waterdown. After all the rain that has fallen this month the trails are especially muddy but the rivers are impressively big, which makes for great waterfall shooting. This time around I had other ideas on what to photograph along the trail. So after parking in the lot next to Grindstone creek and waterfall I went in the opposite direction. Crossing the road I headed up hill through a small meadow and then into a forested area. I was greeted by numerous flowers making their homes on the escarpment rocks.


Now I’m not one that knows the names of most flowers but I’m hoping to learn as I go along my journey on the trail so please forgive my simple descriptions. Columbines are prevalent here but there are many others – there are small white flowers and a couple of varieties of small purple ones too. Trilliums also inhabit this area but they were already past the blooming phase.

Purple small flower

Continuing along the flower lined path you continue along through the forest when it suddenly opens up into a small meadow. The trail continues to the other side before you turn right and climb over a style. Crossing over a private road you link up once more to the trail.

Waterdown Forest

The trail eventually ends up at another road. I stopped here today and returned back the way I came. Along the way dandelions ready to spread their seed can be found. These are a much larger variety than the ones I see in my home town.

Dandelion closeup

Soon I was back at the parking lot for one quick peek at the Smokey Hollow waterfall. It was too dangerous to head down to the riverbank to get a shot of it as the rushing water was already a few feet higher than usual.