Waking up a little earlier than usual a friend and I decided to drive up to Tobermory for the day. Now I know you might think we are crazy to just head up for a day, namely because it’s a 3.5 hour drive in one direction and also it’s too beautiful a place to only be there for one day but it was one of the better trips I’ve taken up there plus we were on a time limit. The drive up was horribly wet with thunder and lightning all around us. Our first photographic pit stop was at the Cape Croker Lighthouse. Here we found lots of Columbine flowers and Trilliums along the side of the road.

Purple Trillium


 As the lunchtime hour approached we decided we had spent a little too much time here and so we headed to Tobermory to meet another friend of ours for lunch. After stuffing ourselves on fish and chips we headed over to the Blue Heron Company to see if we could get on their next boat out to Flowerpot Island. By 2:15 we were headed northwest to the island. Flowerpot Island is located about 6.5 km from the mainland and has two sea stack formations on the west side.

Sea stack

We only had two hours on the island before the last shuttle would arrive to take us back to the mainland. The sea stacks are not too far away from where they dropped us off, about a 10 minute hike on the west side. It wasn’t too hard to spend the full two hours at the two sea stacks. 

Flowerpot detail

Soon we were back on the boat to the mainland with promises to come back to spend a full day here to see the rest of the island. Back on the mainland we headed over to the pub for some good tasting pizza before heading home. Despite the thunderstorms we had a great end to the day.