Recently I picked up a new ND 3.0 filter for the camera from B+H Photo. This is the darkest ND filter that can be found on the market right now. Since I was at Decew falls for a hike I decided to try it out on the river above the falls. Once thing I did have some issues with is focusing. The darn thing is too dark that I can barely make anything out as I am looking through the viewfinder so it’s not surprising that the camera had some issues too. So my solution was to focus on my subject before putting on the filter. Below is the difference between a standard shot and one with the new filter:

No ND filter


With ND 3.0 filter

A huge difference between the two images. I really like the look of what the new ND filter can produce and the great thing is that this was shot around noon on a sunny day. I’m looking forward to using this one more. Here is one more shot before I headed back home.

River with ND 3.0 filter

Converted to B&W
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