While shooting the Minor Hockey Fights Cancer event last weekend a fellow photographer that joined me sold me a great little item for my camera – a bellows! I had the chance to use this little guy back in February during the Orchid Show in Toronto. Now I had one to play with for my very own. Now that I had somewhat recovered from this morning’s hike I had to try out the new toy on all the flowers that are blooming in the garden. Here is one of my first attempts.

Getting used to the Bellows

Originally I had the f-stop at around 16-20 but I realized that I didn’t want all the background in focus so I immediately switch to 4. It also helped me see the image through the viewfinder as things get pretty dark in that bellows. Here is another example.

Peaches and Cream Rose

I played around with this one a little – converting the background to black and white to make the flower stand out a little more from the original green background. Then I really went in for a close shot of this orange coloured rose.

Orange Rose

Perfect lighting and a new toy to play with. This is another one I’m looking to have more fun with in the days to come.