Today I ventured back out to the Bruce Trail to continue my trek with one alteration, I started up in Caledon area instead of continuing along the Niagara region. Parking at Grange and Creditview intersection I followed the nice even path for a while with very small, gradual hills until I came to the precipice of the Devil’s Pulpit. With outstanding views to the valley below I looked along the path and it became clear how dangerous the climb down would be when I saw the cables that are embedded in the rock to help guide you along the edge and down the makeshift staircase. I was a little unnerved with camera gear dangling from my neck – really, it had nothing to do with my fear of falling from tall precipices.

Staircase to the Devil's Pulpit

At the bottom of the staircase I realized that I was only halfway down as a rock filled path loomed ahead. Being careful to avoid the slippery moss-covered rocks made for a challengingly slow climb to the bottom. At the bottom the trail immediately starts to make its way back up a rocky slope making it the most challenging path so far that I’ve hiked.

The Fallen

As things begin to even out I abruptly hit another staircase leading down to a set of train tracks. Crossing over the tracks I continued heading downhill, leveling out again and then another steep staircase down to the bottom ultimately leading to the Credit river. At this point I realized that if I wanted to make it back up all those staircases and to my car I needed to turn back now.

Birch Bark

One of the hardest days so far was today as I struggled back up to the train tracks and then up another set of stairs again, only to hit the final staircase of Devil’s Pulpit with very little leg power left. Dragging my feet the final kilometer to my car seemed like torture but as the car came into view I speed up to get this hike over as fast as I could. I survived! Hey Devil – na na na na na nah!