This past weekend my friend and I spent our time camping at Rondeau Provincial Park located on Lake Erie in Chatham/Kent. Heading down mid morning from Mississauga we didn’t arrive until almost 2pm but what a glorious day it was. Another hot summer day in good old Ontario. It felt good to be able to get the camping gear out after a long hibernation. A lazy weekend of hanging out and beach gazing was ahead of us and who knew what mother nature had planned for us this weekend.

Makeshift teepee

Saturday turned out to be more of a grey and stormy looking day with the occasional burst of sunny goodness. Little did we know that deciding to forego a campfire would turn out to be the best decision we made. Soon after the dinner dishes were done I turned to the west and noticed a black sky heading straight toward us as thunder rumbled overhead. Packing up as quickly as possible we just made it into the tent as the rain drenched the campsite.

What the bottom of a tree looks like.

Thunder and lightening were on top of us for most of the night and into the early hours. A spectacular light show from Mother nature on the Canada Day long weekend. Apparently she had to get in on the action 😉
Sunday proved to be a more mellow day for the weather with the sun shinning and the heat rising. Unlucky for us was that we had to pack up and head home.

Sheldon keeping watch over us while we head home.