Today was on its way to being another hot and muggy summer day so of course I had to go for a hike. Packing up the gear and jumping in the car I made my way back down to continue the hike in Short Hills Provincial Park. I had high hopes that I could manage the 12 km to make it through the entire park today. A little short of my target I did make it 7.5km. It seems like this park is never-ending but I will prevail.

The Path into the Forest

Walking into the forest the coolness surrounds you making it easier to hike the path but soon I was out in meadow with the sun beating down on me. Damn it was hot! I continued to shuffle along until I was back in the forest again.All along the trail were wild raspberries. It didn’t matter if you were in the forest or in the meadows. They were everywhere.

Wild Raspberries

As I was walking along I happened to notice an opening the trees and saw a cell tower in the distance. Now this tower seemed familiar. I had passed it before. Going the other way. Wait a second. I pulled out my pedometer and checked out the map and lo and behold there it was in Technicolor – I was heading back to the car. Somehow I had looped back on to the trail without noticing. Where did I go wrong? Well, I have no answer to this. When I got back to the car I decided to head over to the next parking lot and see if I could meet up with the path again. As I walked down the path following the white blazes it took me first downhill and then back up out of the trees and into another meadow. Bird houses lined the area and tethering posts for horses could be found not far from here.


Soon I realized that this portion of the path would not overlap with what I just hiked. It was gong the opposite direction. Hmmm…i made the decision that it was time to call it quits for the day. Short Hills had beaten me again. So back to the car I went. Short Hills will have to be completed another day.