Continuing on from where I left off  from the Devil’s Pulpit adventure I followed the Credit river around the corner and up to the road to the town of Brimstone. The town of Brimstone once housed men who worked in a nearby quarry in the late 1800s.

Town of Brimstone

Going uphill past the sleepy town the path abruptly ends the path into the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park continues on. The lush forest is just beautiful on a hot humid day like today ad makes me think of a fantasy land. I expected the faerie to come bounding around the bend.

The Brimstone Path

The only problem is the deer flies buzzing around me and my camera. So when the flies started landing on my lens I got fed up and decided it was too hot to move on. Turning back I found this little gem. One of my favourite things to photograph is mushrooms and this one made my day.