Walking in from the north side of the park, I headed towards its south end via the Bruce Trail. The trail enters from Twiss Road into tall trees on either side of the path reminding me of the dark paths in the forest of old fairy tales. A small lake and river are off to the right and soon veer off to the left. I headed uphill and a lone weather-worn bench awaited me at the top. continuing along I was soon turning to the left and heading uphill once more. I’m always happy to see the uphills early on in the hike and preferably on the way in so that when I turn back to head towards the car again the path is mostly downhill šŸ™‚

The Dark Forest Path

A camp group seemed to have decided to make the hike from the south and I must have passed about 20-30 kids with their camp leaders. The problem with large groups of people is that they scare the wildlife away. That being said the only wildlife I had seen at this point was the mosquitos and those I could do without. Partway through the hike just after passing the camp group I started to notice signs to the left of the trail. Many people along the trail have donated part of their own land for hikers to hike through and it seems this is the case for this park.

Winding Bridge

After making my way downhill, over a long bridge that crisscrossed and through some more trees the trail started to open a little more and soon there was mostly flatter land and some shorter trees. It indicated to me that I was soon to hit Derry Road and the end of the trail for me today. Tomorrow another adventure awaits…