Next stop for the weekend was Mount Nemo. This part of escarpment can be seen from the highway and looks impressive and imposing even from that distance. Once parked I made my way over the trail head and started my journey on Mount Nemo. As soon as I was away from the carpark I was immediately engulfed but the forest.

Trees of Mount Nemo

Meandering along the path I encountered a lone bench at the top of one of the hills. It’s sometimes odd to find these as you venture through the path and this one especially so as it over-looked more forest. They are usually placed near a look out but not this one. The trail takes a sharp right shortly after the bench and travels along the edge of the escarpment and soon views of the forested carpet below begin to show themselves. There is a small surprise at one of the lookouts carved by mother nature herself but you’ll need to make your way there to find out what that is.

View from Nemo

After a short break I’m on my way along the trail again hiking the edge of the escarpment. One has to be careful when walking the trails at Nemo as certain portions the rock has large fissures in them. Parts of the trail can wander over these fissures which means taking a larger step to avoid the long fall down the shafts. It can create some beautiful light in a heavily forested area and is some of my favourite things to photograph. I do get disappointed most the time because it can be hard to capture the feeling of the light on camera. Today I was victorious.

Nemo fissures