Today I headed to the Kelso Conservation Area to continue my trek on the Bruce Trail. This is a popular spot in the summer as it is one of the closest beaches to Toronto. I parked close to the trail a little further down from those that are parking at the beach. From here the trail travels both north and south with the majority of the trail south of me. I decided to start with the shorter route first. Walking along the paved walkway you are taken along the top of a small gorge before reaching the edge of the park boundary marked by a chain link fence. The main road lays just beyond.

Gate to Main Road

After taking a couple of shots here I start the long trek through the park. This conservation area is not just known of the beach but the bike trails. Many avid bikers come here to ride the trails which range from beginner to advanced. It makes it interesting to hike this area as you have to keep your eyes out for bikers as they cross over and at times ride along the Bruce Trail. There are interesting items at the bottom of the hill. This one stood out in particular.

Abandoned Tire

Many little hidden gems can be found along the trail. A ruin of a limestone kiln is on the edge of one portion of the trail. From my angle I was unable to get much of a shot of the kilns so I traveled up further along the trail but was distracted by mushrooms. Soon we were up at the top of the cliffs overlooking the valley below.

Kelso Cliffs

From this part on the trail closely follows the edge of the escarpment so you need to be very careful along here. There are no fences to keep you from falling off. Traveling along this portion brings you to the lookout point from where you can see the cities in the distance. I found a sign that had blown over the wall here to rest in the trees below.

Construction Zone

There is one more lookout point before you turn and start to descend back in the valley below. Soon I find myself at the edge of the Kelso Conservation Area boundary. Time to turn around and get back to the car.  A great day hiking in Kelso.