Today marked the day when I would finally be finished hiking through Short HIlls Provincial Park. It has been a long process – 3 days worth. Whew! Fields of flowers and bird houses cover the top of the hills. Most of the hike was through these wildflower fields with bees buzzing around them.

Short Hills Provincial Park

After a couple of kilometres of fields you head into a forested area that eventually brings you to Swayze Falls. This waterfall is also known as Dry Falls. And I imagine you can guess what that means. Yup! No water flow at all. Especially this time of year. Apparently it is only a falls in the spring runoff season otherwise you get nothing. I stood at the viewing platform for about 10 minutes and in that time one drop of water fell into the pool below.

Swayze Falls a.k.a. Dry Falls

Pretty shameful if you ask me. At this point I was reaching the end of the trail but not before a cicada landed on the narrow path in front of me. I didn’t realize how big they actually were.


@0 more feet and I was out onto the road and headed back to the car via the short route.