I met a couple of members of the photo group for a day out at Casa Loma. It had been a few years since I’d been to the castle on the hill overlooking Toronto. Of course it turned out to be a beautiful day out without a cloud in the sky. Hmm…not great for photographing but it would have to do. I could only hope it would cloud over a little later on in the day.

This is what greeted us when we climbed the steps to Spadina.

Exterior Wall of Casa Loma Gardens

Soon we were inside the castle roaming from room to room. The Conservatory is one of the best rooms in the castle. The stain glass skylight is just phenomenal.

Skylight in the Conservatory


As we wandered around the main floor more and more people started arriving. To get a little bit of the breather we decided to shoot the gardens for a while. At this time of the year the castle is in full bloom. There are so many flowers here it’s hard to keep track of what’s what.

Flowers of Casa Loma


After roaming the upper grounds we headed back indoors to check out the last two floors and the stables. There are many rooms to explore and many pictures to be had but I would recommend a tripod if you wish to have suitable photographs of the rooms. My handheld shots were not the best. We decided to take one more look at the lower gardens before heading out. Clouds had finally moved in so I took this shot of the castle with the famous Elm tree.

Castle with Elm tree


The Elm tree that you see in the above photography was brought here from England when the castle was being built. It’s a special kind of elm I’m told that has branches that weep like those of a Weeping Willow.