Just south of Yaremko-Ridley Park there is a short trail that takes you through a small wilderness area. I parked at a school in Kilbride and walked behind the buildings and across the school field before I found myself in more trail-like conditions. There are hidden steps that take you down to a boardwalk crossing a creek.

Hidden steps

Continuing along the trail you are taken along the ridge of the escarpment and then into a marsh. The large marshy area is inundated by bulrushes. I had never seen bulrushes this tall before. As I walked along the boardwalk the occasional breeze would come along and rustle through them. It started to creep me out as the boardwalk turned and I was surrounded by the rustling bulrushes.

Feeling Small

The boardwalk leads off to the left and then the trail takes a hard right as it starts to climb higher and higher towards the top of the escarpment. Many tree roots reach out in the hopes of tripping you as you hike along the narrow trail camouflaged by pretty green ferns.

Roots and Ferns

Finally reaching the top I am exhausted but continue until I hit the road before heading back to the car.