Today a friend and I decided to find some ruins which were supposed to be located off the Bruce Trail in the Iroquoia section. Back in the early 1900s am insecticide company was built here that harvested the marl in the area. All the pits that were dug for the marl are no filled with water and are adjacent to the trail.

Calcium pits

We were on the hunt for what was left of the foundations of the insecticide plant the longer we searched the area the more frustrated we became. Soon we decided to search another day and move on to our next planned trip – Guelph Junction. This is a small train yard that used to be a thriving town. The town is mostly gone but the train junction still exists. The great thing about this area is that one can get right up to the tracks and no one comes running to shoo you away.

Inbound Train

After taking a few hots here we decided to try out some photographs at Progreston Falls which was not too far down the road. Someone had built some steps that lead you to the bottom of the falls. Some steps were missing which made it tricky in the wet weather but we managed to get down to get some shots of the falls.

Progreston Falls

Not too shabby a day but the search is still on for the foundation walls of the plant. We have a lead on where to look and hopefully we get out there again soon with some successful photographs. Keep an eye out…..