It was difficult getting into today’s hike at first. As I walked along I just didn’t feel right and thought that as long as I finished this short hike I would call it a day. As the hike went on I started to feel better and soon I was getting my groove back. The beginning of the hike was mostly through the standard forest found in the area. I spent most of this part of the hike struggling to find something to shoot. Soon I found this little touch-me-not and then things just started to click.


I decided to head further along the path where things opened up and soon I was walking into a large grove of sumac.

Under the Sumac Bushes

It felt as though I was in a long tunnel heading for the light. Very eerie with the branches looking like long fingers reaching out toward you. It was time to head home so I turned back to head back to the car. It turned out to be a great hike after a hesitant start.



And some perfect timing on my part as a rain started to fall as I reached the road and my car.