The Limehouse Conservation Area  is one of my favourite areas to hike – it just has something about it that makes me happy. I just can’t explain it. I’ve been here in the middle of winter and the end of summer. Even snow-covered I just love hiking it. Today there is no snow but it is cloudy and on the verge of rain making it nice a moody in the forest.

Forest Path

The wet weather has brought about an abundance of mushrooms and until last year I had no idea how many different kinds we have in the area. This one intrigues me most – Bear’s Head Tooth.

Bear's Head Tooth

It’s like a miniature waterfall shaped mushroom.  As I hiked further along the path I emerge out of the forested areas into neighbouring farms. Walking along the edge of the farms the only way to cross over the fences is to use the stiles that the volunteers of the Bruce Trail put up to make things much easier for us hikers.


I continue along the edge of another farm before crossing point I left off the other day. Time to turn around and head back to the car as the threat of rain hovers in the sky above.