Today I went out to Limehouse Conservation Area taking a quick peek at the kilns and the river. Last time I hiked through here it was winter and a snowstorm had just started to diminish. It looks completely different in the summer and is definitely a lot easier to hike when there is no snow to trudge through.

Black Creek at Limehouse Conservation Area

Continuing out of the conservation area you are led along a couple of streets before heading up the escarpment at the side of the road. The trail follows farmers field for most of the route until you hit Fifth Line. Scattered apple trees can be found along the path, just watch your step because most have fallen to the ground at this time of year. The trees are still laden with loads of shiny red apples.

Apple-ly goodness!

And of course with the season changing to be wetter and cooler more and more mushrooms are making their appearance. Many different kinds can be found. Today I found two within feet of each other. This one was tucked away in the trunk of a tree.

A great hiding place

Walking into the forested portions of the trail I was greeted (well actually more startled) by some crows.  There must have been 30 or more flying back and forth in front of me trying to stay ahead. They really started to creep me out and I started having flashbacks to Hitchcock’s famous Bird movie. Luckily I was able to ditch them at one point only to find myself in Chickadee territory. These little birds flew back and forth circling me at all times while I tried in vain to get a sharp picture. No luck unfortunately. But there was one little critter I was able to get a shot of before I hit the end of the trail.