With a forecast of rain today I decide that a shorter hike might be better since I didn’t want to be caught in the rain again. This portion of the trail covers a section between 5th line and 6th line that is less than 2km. I found out that it was one of the most interesting portions of the trail so far.

Foggy Field

As I started to get closer to my destination a fog seemed to descend from nowhere making my hike eerie. This section is swampy and a long boardwalk covers about 400m of the trail taking you into a forested area. This is when I started to really notice the amount of cobwebs, mostly because I kept walking into them. As I started to look around I had flashbacks of that infamous spider movie, Arachnophobia.

Charlotte? Are you there?

Eventually you walk out of the forest and into a large field surprisingly also full of cobwebs. These had the most dew on them and I couldn’t stop photographing.  The field was soon replaced again with a different kind of forest and fewer webs. Soon 5th line was in my sight and this portion of the trail was done.

The Forest Beyond

I’ve been on the hunt for dewy spider webs and here I was walking into a plethora of spider webs most of which were nice and dewy. A dream finally come true. It took me over an hour to walk this portion of the trail because I kept stopping at almost every web.