A friend and I had heard about an old western town on the Uxbridge/Pickering town line. We headed out that morning with a general idea of where to go. i didn’t take us long to find the property that supposedly housed this town. Driving in we noticed that the home out front had recently had a fire and no one was home. We were greeted by two very friendly cats. One was completely white, a little ghost cat wandering the grounds of an abandoned home.

White Ghost

We didn’t see any obvious signs of this western town as we wandered around the front area of the property. At the front was a ramp-like structure that was fenced in on all sides.


As you can see we had some great weather today and the clouds were perfectly fluffy. We decided to venture further onto the property. I had an inkling that town was tucked away in the back. As we crested the back hill there it was nestled in a small valley which explains why we didn’t see it from the adjacent hill.

Western Town

Some of the buildings had some great little features tucked inside them. My favourite is the piano located in the hotel. There is also a sheriff’s station and a bar to name a few.


I can’t wait to get back to this place.