Continuing my journey in the Silver Creek Conservation Area I hiked just south of Scottsdale Farm over to Trafalgar Road. Again the mushrooms seemed to be taking over portions of the path.

Little Gym Mushrooms

As I hiked along this section the trees towered over my head in places while in other areas I had to duck under the vines and shuffle along the narrow paths where the trees were pushing their way in. Walking the trail sometimes reminds me of walking in a completely different world. Most of things you see along the way are not things you normally see when you live in a large city.

Forest Trail

Every foot or so was a different type of mushroom just on the north side of Trafalgar. I had never seen so many different mushrooms all together in such a small area.


I didn’t just find mushrooms during my hike but this little gem. A moth caterpillar  was meandering along the trail. These little guys are always on a mission so it’s a hard to get them to sit still for a photograph.

Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar