Venturing much further south on the trail today I continued my journey in the Niagara section around Rockway Falls. Parking at the community centre you can hear the roar of the falls as the car door opens. A new fence has been extended across the edge but there is still a gap that allows one to hang over the escarpment to view the falls below. Rockway Falls consists of two waterfalls, an upper and lower falls. The lower one can be seen if you follow the path behind the community centre, south along the Bruce Trail.

Lower Rockway Falls

Following the trail you are taken into the valley to a smaller tributary of the river. It’s a great area for getting some close-ups of “mini” waterfalls.

Small Cascade

Climbing back uphill and then back into another valley this section of the trail really keeps your heart rate up. At the top of one of the hills is a farm and the trail stays to the edge of it.

Through the Fence

Artifacts from the farm can be seen along the edges of the trail.

Gate door

A challenging part of the trail but well worth the hike through it.