Heading north along Heritage Road the path continues into the forest on a narrow trail.  The autumn colours are reaching their end but there are still many trees holding on to their beautifully coloured leaves.

Autumn Colours

The trail is moderately level here with little ups and downs which make for a wonderful stroll on this warm afternoon.

Afternoon Stroll

Today the bees are busy collecting pollen on the last little flowers still in bloom this late in the year. I came across numerous bees, some buzzing by my head while others were madly flying from flower to flower. It’s so hard to believe such a big body is able to fly with two tiny little wings.

Busy Bee

And of course with any walk this time of year mushrooms abound. I have to take the opportunity while I can to get photographs of these fungi so forgive me for so many photos of them.

Orange-mat Coprinus




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