Another trip down to the southern portion of the trail finds me at Louth Falls, which is not too far from Rockway Falls. Louth Falls is a tricky waterfall to photograph. The main problem is the amount of trees along the path just above the falls. There is one tree in particular that if it wasn’t in the way would give a pretty good view of the falls.

Louth Falls

For this photograph above I was leaning against the tree which is on a precarious edge of the escarpment. Accessing the gorge is very difficult and I didn’t see any way down. Others have made it to the bottom but today I was here to hike the trail and not enter the gorge. I hope to get myself down there one day.

Sixteen Mile Creek feeds the falls and moving yourself further up river from the falls you can find some interesting cascades that you can get right into to get some great shots.

Sixteen Mile Creek

The above photograph was taken a few feet above the falls. I was able to make some great shots by standing almost in the middle of the stream where the small cascade comes down.

Turning back to the trail I was soon enveloped by the forest. Hiking along the trail I came upon a small toad jumping across my path.  If he hadn’t jumped I probably wouldn’t have seen him otherwise. Camouflage is the name of the game here.


One of the great things about hiking the trail in the Niagara region is the grapes. At one point or another in your hiking adventure you will come across rows upon rows of grapevines.