Hiking into the Caledon section of the Bruce Trail brings us almost immediately into the Cheltenham Badlands. Many people in the Caledon and surrounding area know about the badlands so you can always expect to see someone wandering the area. The hills can be seen on the south side of a main road. You can’t miss them with their lovely red colour and greyish white strata running through them.

Cheltenham HIlls

I parked on the side of the Creditview Road and walked down to the stile to enter the badlands instead of my usual parking spot on Olde Baseline Road. This part of the trail takes you in to the southern part of the park and heads through the centre. You are taken inside a forest of beautiful colours and easy hills to hike.

Wooden Bridge

Once I get to the main road and finish wandering the hills I decided to take the side trail back to my car. It was a little shorter and I was feeling pretty tired at this point. The side trail takes you downhill into a small valley and links back up to the main trail before turning back to Creditview Road.

Autumn Forest