Picking up where I left off a few days ago at the oxen farm I find this part of the field empty. It would have been nice to snap a few more shots of the oxen. Back on the trail it slowly heads uphill to the top of the escarpment and then down and then up and then…let’s just say it’s a little hilly here. Soon the trail opens onto Escarpment road crosses over and heads back into forest. This is where I discover an old windmill.

Old Windmill

Turning right the trail goes uphill once more but this time there is a beautiful view of some autumn coloured trees with blue skies in the background.

Yellow Autumn

Just another stunning day on the trail. The trail comes back down to the road below and follows it and goes under highway 10 via a tunnel built specifically for hikers on the trail. The road veers left and then right again. To your right is a golf course and eventually you see a stile leading you back off the road. On this stile I found some dragonflies sunning themselves on the steps.


It was said to scare them off the stile but it was the only way to get over the fence with my gear. The trail continues uphill again (whew! my legs are getting a workout) before opening up onto an open field. One problem with the open field was the sharp cold wind breezing by. Brrr…time to head back to the car. Once at the end of the field the trail turns right and heads back out onto the road.

Field of Dreams

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