Picking up where I left off in October the trail turns off the road and into a forest of tall pines. They tower over you making you seem very small as you strain your neck to see the tops.

Tall Pines

Before long the trail turns and heads back to a road. Following the road for a short distance I soon turn right again entering into a farmer’s field. A crisp breeze blows through but the little fluffy clouds don’t seem to mind as they make their way across a very blue sky. I head up a little hill which turns into a small forested area before connecting with another farmers field.

Bare Bones

The edge of the field is filled with eaten cobs of corn so watch your step along here. Looks like the wildlife enjoyed some good food this summer. Heading back into a forested area the trail begins to have some ups and downs before finally coming down again onto the road.

Maple Leaf