Well today’s hike was to complete what I didn’t finish in my last hike. Starting on the south end this time I ran across the highway to hook up with the trail. It’s not as crazy as you think. Not much traffic happens on highway 9 during the regular work day so it was pretty clear. After safely crossing I was soon heading down into the valley.  There are a few twists and turns on this portion of the trail but soon it straightens itself out.

The Path

One thing that is consistent along the trail is the signs that are posted around private property. I did come across one I hadn’t seen yet and it made me chuckle at its simplicity.

No Hiking

Hiking along the Bruce Trail can become repetitive in certain areas if you don’t keep your eyes open. Instead of looking at the overall scene you can find little gems hidden away by looking a little more closely.

Fern in the Light