Traveling along the trail today I found myself encountering a smallish creature that I haven’t seen since my middle of the night jaunt to the loo in Manitoulin Island. I had no idea that these little critters were so close to where I live. I learn something new everyday. So you’re wondering…what the heck is it Susan? Well, it’s a porcupine. Yup a quill-infested, cute-faced porcupine. Here I was hiking away up and down the slopes of the hills when I came to a deep valley. Groaning at the thought of climbing the steep stairs out of the valley it was well worth it when I saw a little brown furry looking creature up ahead. Camera at the ready I made my way slowly over to it. To my surprise it was the porcupine calming munching away at the fern at his feet. Luckily he humoured me for a short while before snorting at me and turning away. I quickly made my way away from him hoping I hadn’t freaked him out too much. I was lucky enough to find him again on my way back to the car a little further from the trail.

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