A couple of members of the Brampton Photo Group and I ventured down to the Niagara Falls area to spend our day photographing birds and butterflies. Leaving at 8am we arrived shortly before 9:30 to the deserted streets of Niagara Falls. I have never in my life seen Clifton Hill void of any traffic whatsoever. It was a little eerie. We decided to do a little pit stop to take a few photographs of the American side of the Falls. (Our side was so misty it was impossible to get a shot).

Niagara Falls American Side

Half a block down from the falls is the Bird Kingdom which was our initial first stop. The place is very big and full with many free flying birds and some amphibians. A photographer’s dream except for the lighting. I recommend a fast lens to get the best shots.


Birds of a Feather

After a few hours of wandering the facility we headed out for lunch and the Butterfly Conservatory. The advantage of coming to the falls in the winter is the lack of crowds however the conservatory was full of people. I guess most had the same idea as us.

Heliconius butterflies

Blue Morpho

A great day spent with our flying friends. I recommend both places for a great day out – even without a camera.