Another mild day with temps in Caledon reaching about 3C meant more brown with a spattering of leftover snow. The beginning of the journey starts at the top of Hockley Valley’s ski hills where there is quite a few centimetres of snow. Obviously not natural but hey at least there’s snow – fake or not. From here the descent into the valley below is steep and ice-covered. It made my hike a little more challenging than usual. Once down the hill I was heading quickly through the ups and downs of the ice-covered trail.

Farmer's Field

It was a dreary kind of day and my inspiration was lacking until I came to a farmer’s field. Fences can become interesting subjects and the one below was shot as I was walking southward on the trail.


I love the height of the grass trying to push the fence out of the way. Hiking closer to the road I came upon a tall pine section. The towering trees reminded me of a long hallway.

The Corridor