Continuing our photo walk we stopped at the Rose Theatre. The Christmas tree made of lights was still out front and nicely lit up. The square has some very convenient lines leading the eye to the pedestal the tree is on.

Rose Theatre Xmas Tree

I manipulated the photo to get a darker version and a fading out to black and white that really highlighted the tree. I had a lot of fun shooting this area. Two hardy souls stayed out with me while the others went for something to warm themselves up at a great little coffee shop fairly new to Brampton. The Green Cup is an organic cafe that has some great things to keep you warm and it has a fun decor.


Most of the group had already dispersed and after a little play time in the cafe that last of us stragglers headed out the door to continue our journey to the cars. Being easily distracted I was soon stopping to take photographs of the four corners area. Christmas lights light up a few of the trees and the contrast with the lights from the traffic made for interesting shots.

Four Corners at Night

This is pretty much a straight shot except for some smoothing of the pixels to make a cleaner shot.

Wandering down a little further I can across a great neon sign and loved how it reflected in a neighbouring store’s front window.

Happy Reflections

Doesn’t he just make you want to smile?

Finally getting closer to the cars we were once again distracted by another church and the blurred headlights and tail lights of the passing cars.

Looming Over Traffic

We did wait around for a couple of buses to pass by for some really crazy light pattern but I liked the red tail lights best. A great end to our photo walk.