Yesterday I decided to spend some time finishing up a project.  So there I was working away at my computer when I started getting  a little distracted by the weather outside my window. It started at about 9am when I noticed it was getting a little dark in the room, glancing up at the window I saw:

Snowing Out My Window

Turning away from the snow I continued working on my project. All of a sudden things started getting a little brighter, looking out the window I noticed the snow had stopped falling and blue skies were peeking in through the clouds:

Cloudy Out My Window

Our mini snow storm was over, leaving a coating of white over everything. Back to work again and soon the light in the room started to get even brighter:

Sunny Out my Window

A wild day for weather because not long after we started the cycle all over again. Ah spring…when will you stay for a longer visit?