Today was an exceptional March day here in Toronto with temps soaring to 27C. The beautiful day meant I was tying up my hiking shoes for a hike along the trail. Since I had completed the Caledon section last week I decided to go back into the Iroquoia section. Getting out of my car at the Calcium Pits I was surprised to hear the calls of the frogs. The ponds here were full of them and the croaking was just amazing. After enjoying the moment I hiked up the trail. With the warm temps comes the spring flowers and the forest floor was covered with Hepatica.

Round-lobed Hepatica

The trail is fairly flat for most of my journey before it heads into a valley. Heading down the steep hill I scared a little gartersnake that slithered pretty quickly under a branch. Luckily for me he wasn’t too skittish and I was able to get a pic of him before he had enough of me looking over him with a camera. Guess he was kind of camera shy šŸ˜‰

Butler's Gartersnake

Heading along the path I’m soon hiking beside a river before the trail heads out onto Guelph Line and crosses into Crawford Lake Conservation Area. After arriving at the Crawford Lake Side Trail I decided to call it day and head back to the car. On the hike back I noticed some fern leaves making their way out of the ground to enjoy some spring sunshine.

Spring has Sprung

As I scrambled down the rock wall near the car I found a couple of small Bloodroot flowers hiding in the crevices. A good hiding place with just enough light.


After finding these little goodies I was back at the car and it was time to head home.