Today I woke up to sunny skies but cool temps. Since it is Good Friday not much is open so the best plan of action was to gear up and head out onto the trails. Parking at the Crawford Lake Conservation area I wandered down the Crawford Lake trail until it hooked up with the Bruce Trail, right where I left off. Many people were out today because of the holiday it gave them an extra chance to enjoy the sun. Once I turned onto the Bruce Trail the crowds were non-existent so I was able to enjoy the rest of the hike away from parents and their children.

Turkey Vulture in search of food.

The Trail turns and heads out onto the cliffs where the vultures soar above you and off the side of the escarpment in search of a midday meal. There is something amazing about watching these birds coast along on the wind, barely flapping their wings.

Spring flowers are starting to open up all along the trail. I’m starting to see Bloodroot on more and more hikes.

struggling to get out of bed

Seeing how the flowers unfurl themselves is another interesting process I’ve been able to watch since I started hiking all through the year. The one above reminds me of me first thing in the morning all curled up in bed enjoying the last little bit of snooze time before having to done my day clothes.