Today I decided to tackle an area just north of Waterdown Falls called Kerncliff Park. Parking on the side of the road I headed into the park making my way towards Dundas Street. As I was hiking I noticed this purple flower. I have been unable to find it in any of my reference guides but I hope to prevail one day.

The Unknown Flower

I just find it interesting that the entire stem and leaves are all purple as well. Very odd in a sea of green. The trail was a weave-y, windy, up and down hike (but when is it ever a straight path here on the Bruce Trail?)

The Uphill Path

At the top of this hill was a nice spot to sit down and enjoy the view to the valley below. I found a few people enjoying just that along with some well deserved lunch. I continued on to Dundas and then found my way down a side trail hoping it would be an easier hike out but no luck on that front. Still a nice day for hike even if it was a little tough.