A friend of mine just moved across the street from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington and I was able to spend the day with her, first checking out her new digs (which are amazing by the way). We then went for a walk around the neighbourhood and into the gardens. Just down from her place are a couple of cemeteries. We wandered into one when some interesting headstones caught our eye. From it distance it looked like a war memorial and grave site – and we were right.

War Memorial and Soldier Plots

Continuing our journey we hiked our way into the Royal Botanical Gardens, meandering along the boardwalk and then up the hills. We came upon some hikers feeding the little chickadees and they offered us some seed to do the same. My friend took them up on the offer and I kept my camera at the ready.

Snack time.

Soon we were out of the RBG and back onto the road. It was time for me to head on home. Hopping into my car I decided to make one last stop before driving home – Waterdown Falls.  A great end to a fun day.

Waterdown Falls