A couple of us from the photo club left the city in the morning heading to Alton. If you remember I had been here back in March and got a great photograph of the Millcroft Inn. One of the cohorts today wanted to see the location and get some photos of it for himself. Parking at the Alton Mill we headed along the path to the Inn. My photographs that morning were certainly not as good as the ones taken in March but there was other potential spots.

Pipe and waterfall

After spending some time scouting the pond we headed back to the Alton Mill. Many sculptures can be found around the premises and with artists renting workshops, along with gallery spaces inside the mill it is an artists haven. We had a bit of fun with the outside sculptures – this one is one of my favourites.

Face in the Water

Next stop was the Eramosa River and Hortop Mill. Just south of the town of Everton there is a small bridge over the Eramosa river. We parked our car on the side of the road and decided to head up river first. The river is lower than normal which means the muddy bottom is exposed. With the sun out the mud has hardened and cracked.


The birds in the area have left some of their footprints behind adding to the effect. I just love this! After playing around the river on this side of the bridge we soon set our sites on why we had stopped here. The river just past the bridge is a set of small cliffs that have been eroded by the river.

Eramosa River