Today Dave and I went out in search of the birds of prey that we were told were migrating through Beamer Conservation Area. Leaving his place around 7am we pulled into Beamer at about 8am. I had brought my 500mm for this special occasion. Unfortunately for us we had no luck whatsoever in finding any kind of bird. First we were told by some local hikers that we were a couple of hours too early. Okay, so we could handle  that, we still had Lower Beamer Falls to check out. So grabbing our gear we heading down the mountain to the river below. Walking back upriver from that point we eventually reached the falls.

Lower Beamer Falls

Spending over an hour at this pretty little waterfall we eventually decided that it was time to head uphill in search of these darn birds. Walking back up the trail was a bit of bitch, especially with a heavy long lens strapped to the small backpack I had on. Back at the viewing platforms there was still no sign of birds. Passing birders informed us that they had spotted a couple by the lake but nothing since. So today’s mission was a bust. So I leave you with a closeup of the falls instead.

Lower Beamer Falls Closeup