The Balls Falls Conservation areas is one of my favourite places to visit any time of year. Today’s journey takes me to a different section that I had not yet explored. Heading from the parking lot into the preserved 19th century hamlet the trail continues past the church and up a short staircase.  I got a little lost around here as I was passing some hikers and their dog I missed the sign directing me further down the trail. It took a few minutes before I once again got my bearings and hiked down a very large staircase to the trail below. The Twenty Valley River runs beside me as I make my way down the trail.

Twenty Valley Cascade

Up and down the trail takes me before I finally come out of the conservation area and onto a road. Only one small section before I meet up with where I left off last year. In speaking with a hiker she mentions that a cougar had been spotted recently in the area. I was both excited and frightened at the prospect of actually encountering one. As I continued along every sound made me stop but to no avail – there are no large kitty  in site. In made for a stressful walk but soon I was heading back and the stress eased away. Once I was back at the small hamlet I decided to take a few photographs here before heading home.

Purple Flowers

Of course since I was here I had to stop and look at the lower falls. The flow was barely making it over the lip of the escarpment so I decided to move on. Moving to the other side of the falls and just upstream I noticed a lovely cascade. Sitting myself down I spent a little time here to take some photographs and regenerate from my hike.

Lower Balls Cascade