Today marked the beginning of my trek through the Dufferin HiLands section of the Bruce Trail. I parked at the end of a road at about kilometer marker 3.4 which is almost halfway through Mono Cliffs Provincial Park. The path splits in two here,  the left takes you further into Dufferin while the right path leads you to Caledon. My journey today is towards Caledon and kilometer marker 0.0

The path and the rock

I have decided that the photograph above is one of my favourite spots on the trail (I’m sure there will be many more). The trail here is a little hilly but offers some great views of the valley and surrounding area. It’s a little windy today but every once in a while there is a calm that settles in when the wind dies done.

Through the Old Forest

When I’m not enjoying the views from the top of the escarpment I’m heading through the trees along some comfortably wider paths. Too soon I’m back at my car and heading home.