Today will be my last trip down to Balls Falls for this project as I finally finished hiking the area.  Just like last time I headed into the hamlet before veering off to the bridge over the falls. The flowers are in full swing here and I just can’t get enough photographs of them.  I stumble on this little guy out of nowhere.


There are not many of these out just yet but I’ve randomly come across him today. I’m sure there are more hidden away in the forest off the trail but he is the only one I’ve seen so far this year. However, the forest floor is littered with wild phlox and trilliums its hard to figure out where to photograph first.

Wild Phlox

Eventually I’m able to tear myself away and continue further into the forest.

To Granny’s House

Soon I’m crossing a major road before walking through some farmland and residential portions. I spot a couple of woodpeckers but I’m unlucky this time and don’t get a good shot of them. The path heads over a small river and there is a pretty scene of grapevines just to the left as small raindrops start to fall.

Vineland Estates Winery

Later I find out its part of the Vineland Estates Winery. At this point it’s time to turn back. I’m unlucky enough to get caught in a downpour but I’m prepared with a plastic bag. Eventually the rain ceases and I’m back on the road heading to the car.