Today I decided to hike Grindstone Creek but from the opposite end of where I usually enter. This meant that I had to park on Snake Road instead of my usual spot on Waterdown Road. After about a kilometer of hiking along the path I realized that I was actually heading south instead of north. My bearings were totally off today. The path took us up and down some more manageable hills, over train tracks and a river. I spent most of time looking at my feet at all the wildflowers.


Of course there were trilliums. At this time of year you can’t not see them. I also found another Jack-in-the-Pulpit.

Another Jack

I liked this shot because of the angle I took it at. For those that know me I’m horrible with keeping photographs straight no matter what new funky tool I have that’s supposed to help me. And of course with this shot I wasn’t even looking through the viewfinder at all. Another plant that seems to be everywhere is an invasive plant from Europe – Garlic Mustard.

Up Against a Wall

The leaves of this plant are edible and taste like garlic. The ones I shot above are growing against a wall of an old ruin. A great texture to shoot against.