Today I headed back to Mono Cliffs to finish up my hike through the park. There are some great views from the top of the cliffs here. It has been aptly named.

View of Mono Cliffs park

The hike was a very relaxing one. Not too many strenuous hills a beautiful lake in the middle of my hike to stop and enjoy the view. The funny thing about the hike today was that not four days ago there was about 30 cm of snow that settled in. And looking around you can find small remnants of that hiding from the sun under trees and in shady corners.

Snow pile

Coming down from the small hill that took me around the lake I noticed this bench seat engraving.

Bench Sign

Just in case you didn’t know what trail you were on someone decided you needed a sign. The path continues into a large forested area and I’m surrounded by tall trees. the way the light is coming in I decide to experiment with the camera and do some abstracts.

Trees in Motion

I had a little too much fun with this but it was great to stretch the mind and give it something else to try out. Eventually I’m out of the park and back at the road. Another portion done for today.