Deciding to hike the Iroquoia section today had me parking on Guelph Line, a fairly busy road. I had one kilometre left to hike on the east side of the road before heading southwest to the next portion of the trail. It was a pleasant surprise to see the amount of trilliums just past a small river.


This had to be one of my more easy hikes along the trail with very little ups and downs. And there was just something about this area that had me photographing everything in sight.

Step Right This Way

One peculiar thing I noticed about the occasional trillium is the plants inconsistencies. What I mean by that is if you looked at certain ones – and these were hard to spot or find, their petals were a mix of white and green. It was as though the petal couldn’t decide on if it was a leaf or a petal.

Split Personality

It made for some interesting flowers and I think they have a very beautiful look to them. As I neared the end of my hike I noticed one small plant just to the left of the trail. It was a fern that was slowly unfurling its leaves.


Very fiddlehead-like and it may even be a fiddlehead but I have no idea what those look like so there you go.